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Marketing Automation

Do you know that highly successful companies use automation to grow their business ? We can help you implement one such thing at just a fraction of its cost. Call us with your business details for a brief discussion.

E-Commerce Development

Want to Know, How to grow your business exponentially ? We are here to take your business Online and to the next level. We have been successfully building several business in the Online Platform ranging from Apparels to Printing, Electronics, fashion, foods and many more. You are in the right place to enjoy your success !

Android & iOS App Development

Mobile Technology is the key to business Growth in this decade. If your business has enough data to identify your leads and convert them to valuable customers, you are ought to become very much successful in the digital business world. Be it Android or advanced iPhone Devices, we can build Apps to simplify and grow your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation

How did you find us ? Think about it for a moment !

E-mail & Social Media Marketing

Every successful entrepreneur knows, right marketing strategy is the key to fortune. We from Vilva Networks, utilise in the best in class tools to bring more customers for your business and helps in outperforming your competition.

Digital Marketing

Looking for rocket speed growth for your business ? Then digital marketing should be your choice. Get noticed to the right people at the right time with our team of experts advice. Leave the CPC, CPM, PPD & other metrics with us and concentrate on the product/service you offer in which you are an expert.


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We were reluctant in choosing our tech partner to build our ecommerce store, we are already in printing business, but taking them online was a nightmare for us. Luckily, we had gone through the works of Vilva Networks, their clients and became happy & confident to work with team at Vilva. They understood our requirements and kept their promise in delivering on time.

Vignesh & Karthick Bro’s Co-Founders, Meesakar Clothings

When we first thought about business automation, Vilva Networks had everything ready to go live, within the first few days of meeting, they delivered the right solution for us at really low price and the after sales support is what impressed me in opting them for our other projects as well.

Pandiyan, Chairman Royce Infrastructures

Previously we had a website that was very slow and we were losing a lot of buyers, when Vilva Networks took over, they promised a better website but delivered a solid software, we were actually able to triple the sales in almost 3 months of time.

Kumar, Co-Founder Angi Clothing

When we wanted to go Digital, I met with the founder of Vilva Networks and was impressed with the confidence he gave on our project. Literally, I saved over a lakh on business via their services.

Muthu T, Founder Printfaast & Co

Who we are?

Vilva Networks, We are technology company that redefines the way you do business. You might be a successful company yesterday, but today if you underestimate the power of technology, even a new startup can scale to big height and become your indirect competitor. We provide the following study of your business if you are looking for a audit of your business.

  • Technology Profile Audit
  • Marketing & Growth Hacking
  • Technology Implementation Study
  • Business App Creation


About us

Our Startup is actually an accident, we were actually working on a personal project that we wanted to scale up in the e-commerce Industry. But, due to issues with co-founder, had to leave from them work on our own, By that time the e-commerce industry was still under the hood and there were very few players who were testing the tides, We utilised the opportunity and provided our programming skills and with the experience from the marketing of our previous products, we were able to successfully help companies grow and reach their mission. If you are one with a greater mission and strong vision, we are sure to be your technology partner.

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