Posted June 14, 2018June 14, 2018 Vilva Editorial Team
Ever thought about increasing the speed & performance of your website ? Numerous times, you would have spoken with your developer to improve the loading times, but all comes to a only certain level not matching to your expectations. Quite often, this was the scenario in all websites and technologies hereforth involved in the development of website / App.

There are several factors that determine the speed of the website especially in the peak traffic, poor caching strategy, poor web hosting, database issues, heavy site content, heavy use of javascripts, animations, or large images making your website to load poorly resulting in loss of business. Here comes the new era in web technologies, the days of platform oriented development strategies have gone and today any framework can bring in greater stability and faster performance in web app using the progressive web app technique.

Factors that make a website a progressive web app have been clearly guide-lined in the official google website:

Fast – Its not just a word, several companies have seen their content loaded nearly by 80% faster.
Reliable – A great news for businesses that relies on customers from non-metros or areas where even the 3G networks doesn’t serve well. Pwa’s also offer Offline support, with just the initial load of the web the site caches data and serves the content locally and pretty fast. Never mind, it works like a breeze even in 2G / Intermittent connections.
Engaging – pwa’s are quite engaging and visitors will definitely feel the joy in browsing on your site., especially if you are in ecommerce business, offering a pwa to your customer is sure shot to boost your sales by several manifold.
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Push notifications, is one of the most awaited feature inbuilt to the app, that once only the native ones provided. Now a days, at just a fraction of cost, one can develop their pwa for their business / service., also mind that this is gonna be the future, all big companies like flipkart, bookmyshow, twitter have got their own pwa release done., and everyone is seeing a great improvement in their respective business.

Now its time for you to decide, especially if you are about to start fresh going for pwa is the best thing you can do.